Database &

Databases don’t just happen.

They need to be designed and managed very carefully by someone with the right skills. This is crucial to having a smooth running system, and the more users you have the more critical it becomes. A badly designed database can cause your system to grind to a halt with no easy way out of trouble.

Database & Reports

Central to every system is it’s database, and with that comes a need to produce reports to visualise your data. We offer database development and report development services to compliment our software and app development. In many ways, a system or an App is just something which allows users to interact with data. Either you want to show them some data, or you want them to enter some data. This is where a database comes in to play. Database and report building is the role of a database developer, a report developer, or an experienced software developer.

The Technology stack behind these applications could be SQL ServerOracle, or MySQL to name just a few. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Reporting solutions.

Reporting sits on top of the database, either as part of a reporting package or a custom designed report solution. Most businesses have a need to include reports in their systems, and as with the database itself this is something which needs to be carefully designed to ensure you are seeing the right numbers.